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WarwickTECH is a student-led angel fund backing founders from Warwick University. We aim to empower students to pursue tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

Welcome to WarwickTECH's October newsletter! Every month, we'll be sharing our top tech stories —  including the most exciting things going on in tech, startups, and innovation at Warwick and beyond.

Curated by Cyrus Ma and edited by Samantha Zandt

What’s new with WarwickTECH?

October was a month of success for WarwickTECH! Our two events, namely Launch day and Campus Startup, attracted a large number of participants, and we greatly appreciate the support our guests have provided us.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for this year’s edition of Startup Day! This time we have invited speakers to talk about the theme “Technology to the rescue”, with networking opportunities afterwards.

For more information and updates, please follow our Startup Day facebook event page, or our Startup Day website for more information.

Theme of the month: Lifestyle changes in 2020

How 2020 has changed the way we live

An article from the Wall Street Journal summarizes, in 20 ways, how consumer lives have been radically changed under Covid-19. Highlighting key changes in lifestyle and consumer technologies, it shows large shifts in cultural trends, with a proposition of what the future holds for our relationship with technology.

Mario Kart live: Augmented reality racing

Mario Kart has officially leapt through the screens in its latest rendition, with its creator Nintendo focusing on augmented reality in its newest game. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit lets players race within their home environment whilst streaming live footage to their Switch devices. Check this video out for a live demonstration:

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit's multiplayer is expensive and chaotic - The  Verge

10 types of innovative masks developed in Israel

With masks becoming a common feature of everyday consumer life, newest renditions of the commonplace facial masks have taken on a wide array of practical features. Check out these designs produced by designers from Israel, which range from sticker masks to self-disinfecting masks.

The ViriMask. Photo: Virimask website

What’s happening at Warwick University?

New walk-in Covid-19 test facility opens at the University of Warwick

A new facility has opened in the Westwood Games Hall at the University of Warwick for those with symptoms to seek coronavirus tests. The centre is currently being operated in partnership with Sodexo, and offers self-administered tests.

Cooperative trial between Birmingham and Warwick to test drugs against blood cancer

A randomized trial has been launched as part of a cooperative effort between the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick, seeking to test drugs purposed for treating Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare blood cancer. Funded by Blood Cancer UK, it represents the first randomized trial for this neglected patient group.

blood samples_720

WMG and Senergy Innovations to launch new solar thermal cell

A collaborative effort between WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) and Senergy Innovations has developed the first nanomaterial enabled all polymer solar thermal cell. The employment of polymer within the design allows the panel to transfer heat from sunlight to heat water with high efficiency, resulting in a low cost, low carbon and lightweight design.

Solar cell testing

What’s new in Tech?

Washington launches antitrust charges against Google

Following advances by regulators in the EU against big tech, Washington has officially launched antitrust charges against Google. This comes after an investigation into Google and Facebook for monopolistic behaviour by attorneys general in 50 US states, and presents, yet again, a significant challenge for big tech.

Google’s offices in downtown Manhattan. The Justice Department and 11 states Tuesday filed an antitrust case against Google.

Tech Unicorn Octopus Energy to create 1000 new job openings in the UK

As part of its vision to make the UK the “Silicon Valley of green energy”, Octopus Energy has announced its plan to create 1000 new openings across sites in London, Warwick, Manchester, etc. Primarily graduates, the newest recruits will be involved in developing smart systems to assist British transport and heating systems in harnessing renewable energy.

Sydney adopts new technology in suburb to monitor health

More than 70 sensors have been installed at Melrose Park in Sydney in an effort to monitor noise, temperature and air-quality data. The real time data gathered will be published on a community site, and will be used to inform future decisions about the urban development in the surrounding area. This initiative will likely affect developments across the country, and be a blueprint for other Smart City innovations in the future.

An impression of the Melrose Park development in north-west Sydney. 

That's all for October, let us know what you thought and if we missed any stories or topics worth including going forward — see you next month!

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